Tim is all about helping brands create real connections with real people. He has spent the majority of his career studying the art of effective consumer engagement and creative communications.

In today’s new normal it’s all about brand attraction not brand promotion.

Tim Engle – Chief Ahhalogist
Tim Engle

Tim learns by doing, a discovery his mother made the hard way when, at age 6, he started taking household appliances apart on a regular basis, with a less than perfect record of putting them back together.

Tim wanted to be a rock star because it required very little spelling, but when that didn’t work out, he put what he learned at the Portfolio Center art school and the University of Alabama School of Fine Arts to work and went into advertising, beginning his career as a graphic designer.

Tim’s creativity was quickly recognized and he was assigned to high-level accounts, but he still longed for the stage. He taught himself marketing strategy so that he could emerge from the hidden recesses to the design department into the limelight of client meetings. In the mid 1990′s when clients began talking about websites and e-commerce, Tim recognized another opportunity to teach himself. He studied interactive design so that he could not only influence the look and feel of a website, but program content as well.

Tim went on to lead the creative department for Agency.com in Atlanta and then onto the Cincinnati office of MKTG as VP Creative (New York-based marketing agency). Tim’s ability to merge the technical aspects of a digital strategy with creative design and classical marketing science allowed the firm to establish a digital footprint and take on the global launch of a new Bayer Healthcare product.

Having too many skills in the agency world can be a curse if you end up being stretched too thin for the benefit of too many clients. But in the entrepreneurial world, where survival depends on the ability and willingness to go “all-in” and disregard job descriptions for a single focused mission, Tim found his fit.

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