I started Tim Engle Design after 20+ years of watching agencies and brands carelessly hunt down and drive “target audiences” to verge of extinction.

Communicators set their traps and lurked about in the analytic shadows waiting for that vanuarable moment to jump out and cause disruption to gain an audience. Their sermons seek loyalty in hopes of gaining viral advocacy. The brand pyramids are filled with empty brand promises that ring out through super-sized, self-centric one-way message rifles. Their PODs are proudly displayed in hopes to lure another zero to the bottom line. Then it’s back to the war room to figure out the next trendy tactic. All the while, the once friendly marketplace has now evolved into a faux finished starburst warzone as seen on TV.

So i’d had enough and I decided to walk-away from that loosing BOGO battle. I don’t want to¬† get all “Nader” on everyone. But I truly do believe that consumers are savvy, smart and very sophisticated. If we can put down our message megaphone and step down off our soapbox and have an intelligent “agenda free” conversation. I bet we will discover great new things that we could have never found locked up in our bar chart filled conference rooms. Consumers will continue to have a clear voice with more brand power than any Madison Avenue agency can conjure up during a foosball game. It’s over, it was an exciting ride but now it’s time to put down our worn out weapons and start getting real, do the right thing and embrace a new mission of creating meaningful and truthful connections between consumers, companies and brands so we all can benefit.

Today at Tim Engle Design we’re taking a more collaborative centric approach. Our philosophy is simple and relevant.

It’s about Attraction Not Promotion, enabling real connections with real people.

Over the past few years I have focused on shifting the mindset of brands and companies to a new collaborative culture rooted in our simple philosophy. We continue to work with both global brands and start up ventures and help them define their VISION and discover their VOICE and create their unique VIBE. In turn creating deeper sustainable brand connections that drive growth on multiple levels.

[responsive_vid][pullquote align=”right”]WARNING: These presentations are known for being based on personal passions and sometimes adult language is used…and i’m no exception. So my apologies to anyone that I offend.[/pullquote] The cool and challenging thing about the Ignite Presentation format is that you are given a total of 20 Presentation Slides that automatically changed every 15 seconds no matter what. So creating a story that progressed ever 15secs was very interesting. So, if I seem rushed…well…I sort of was. But it was a great experience and wonderful exercise in staying focused on delivering the single key message while trying to engage and entertain an audience that had no clue what you were about to present.
[divider top=”1″] Our expertise lies in developing and driving a creative vision from concept to completion through a myriad of engaging communication channels. So whether it’s brand strategy, grass roots, word of mouth, guerrilla street teams, building consumer networks, connecting like minded people and making communication more convenient through digital tools. It’s not so much about how you do it as it is what you do to create connections through effective creative communications.

Tim Engle Design will continue to study the art (not the science) of effective communication and brand coonnections.

Tim Engle Design has many years of problem solving experience in both the traditional and digital spaces. We’ve had the honor of working with several notable fortune 100 institutions, global corporations, multiple mid-market companies, regional brands all they way down to local start-ups. Just to mention a few, Bayer Healthcare, Coca-Cola Enterprises, IBM, Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps, the Health Collaborative, Saab Automotive, Bellsouth, Kroger, Chiquita, Fresh Express, Kikkoman, JCPenny, Executive Jet Management, Federated Department stores, Roller Skating International and the list goes on. Check out some samples in the “OUR WORK” section.
[divider top=”1″] We don’t limit our world to just B2C. Our philosophy and approach works with B2B, B2E, Not-For-Profits, Cause Movements and just about any organization that has the desire to create deeper and more meaningful connections.

Basically, we just love to solve problems and reconnect brands, consumers and companies again and get the real conversations going.

I studied fine art, photography and graphic design at the University of Alabama then attended the Design¬†program at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition I served two terms on the Cincinnati AdClub board of directors. I’m an active member of the AIGA, AMA, Local Entrepreneur groups and currently working on a new side project focused on community innovation. It’s sort of like a incubator meets a creative collaborative mentorship program. The objective is to help the community of Cincinnati with remarkably relevant ideas through the unlikely pairing of older professionals with the up and coming Gen Ys and Millennials. Hopefully this will begin to close the rapidly growing generation gap taking place in the creative workplace. The program is called “BrainTrust.” Check back soon or send me an email if you’re interested in learning more about BrainTrust.
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