G. Love plays an exclusive show live in the studios of Root Brooklyn for La Lutte Continue.

Shot and Directed by Julian Ungano and Tommy Agriodimas. Edited by Matt Gajewski.

Watch her age 50 Years in 5 Minutes

Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello was at a family reunion of his friend Danielle and captured portraits of the youngest and the oldest family members together with photographer Keith Sirchio. Afterwards he edited all his material with After Effects and 3D Max Studios creating this beautiful effect.

Marketing of the Future

I personally think agencies are a thing of the past. The agency philosophy and approach doesn’t match up with the needs of consumers of the modern marketplace landscape.

A New Kind of Road Trip

Extra trippy video (by Daniel Garcia) that proves that next time your car breaks down you wont need AAA. All you gotta do is just jump on that giant majestic white horse and ride to safety.

Target Audience Diatribe

So I am declaring the term “Target Audience” no longer relevant. The hunt is over and it’s time to put down the worn out weapons and start getting real. Start treating consumers as partners not prey.