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Cincinnati Design Week

Home to some of the world’s best design agencies and schools, Cincinnati has placed itself in the forefront of global design. The wealth of resources and talent is unparalleled in the United States. Cincinnati Design Week is a six-day event made up of workshops, panel discussions, fashion shows, fundraisers and, of course, great parties.

Ignite Cincinnati Presentation

Featured Presenter @ Ignite Cincinnati

I had the honor of speaking at Ignite Cincinnati #4. My presentation was about reinventing communication and forgetting most of what we all have learned and starting fresh. It’s based on my 20+ years connecting brands and consumers in the Marketing / Advertising / Design business. *It’s not about new tech tactics it’s about new thinking today.



These presentations are known for being based on personal passions and sometimes adult language is used…and i’m no exception. So my apologies to anyone that I offend.

The cool and challenging thing about the presentation is that I was given a total of 20 Power Point Slides that automatically changed every 15 seconds. So, if it seems rushed…well…it was a bit.